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Styling Denim on Denim

Styling Denim on Denim

Hi Lovelies & Happy Hump-day! This post is going to be all about wearing denim with denim. I know there is an unspoken rule on how this should never be a thing… but rules were made to be broken 😉 I think part of being […]

Dressing For Valentines Day

Dressing For Valentines Day

Lesley Diana Red dress

Hey Beauties, With Valentines coming up I wanted to give y’all a little bit on outfit inspo for the holiday. I enjoy Valentines Day for one main reason…the discounted chocolate’s the day after! I look forward to it every year hehe. Its honestly the best part. Although, before we get into the outfit part of this post,  Ive gotten a few messages for advice on how to handle Valentines day as a single lady. To those gals out there with similar thoughts, I want to remind y’all this holiday is about loving and being loved by anyone and everyone. Please please do not feel discouraged if you aren’t with a boy at this point in time, I know it is hard with the media advertising relationships and such, just  keep in mind valentines day isn’t to celebrate relationships, but to celebrate love.
With that being said, if you are a single-lady out there with a subtle dread of the upcoming day, here are some things I want you to remember and keep in your heart so you can enjoy this holiday to the fullest.

 Valentines or Galantines? GF’s are da BEST

No but seriously, Gf’s are just as important as Bf’s. I think we need a soulmate of a best friend, too. If you have other single friends that don’t know what to do on this holiday either…hello?! celebrate with each other and have a hella good time together dressing cute for dinner then coming home to make brownies, drink wine and watch chic-flicks (or horror movies idk your preference, if thats how u roll)
But like I was saying; valentine is a holiday to celebrate love, not boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. In fact, we have a  holiday specifically for that, its called national bf//gf day ppl!!

Lesley Diana

Happy Valentines day: To & from 


Guess what? Your dog freaking loves you. Or cat, or guinie pig, or gold fish. Im sure they’d shower you with chocolate and roses if they knew what the heck it meant or is for. Don’t have any pets? I’m sure that spider hiding in your bathroom loves you,  thats why he’s always  chilling there. On a serious note, don’t disregard how much those in your life love YOU. Your family and friends are absolute blessings and this day is also made to celebrate those relationships with them.


Remind those who you love, just how loved they are today. Call them, give them heart shaped chocolates, or a cute V-day card that will make them happy.  SHOW EM SUM LUVVVV, ya know.

 Self- Love

Above it all,  love who you are, there is and never will be another human of the same makeup as you. Self- Love isn’t always black and white. And sometimes it comes with gray skies, yet thats when you create your own sunshine because you’re a freaking radiant soul thats why. You will always have, you. No but really think about it, You are away with yourself…don’t you think this whole being stuck together 24/7 becomes easier when you absolutely love it?
You deserve all the greatness this universe wants to give you. Confidence on the inside radiates on the outside.  And it will attract much more than solely people. This is something that acquires patience, effort and practice. Its so so easy to pick at our own flaws and imperfections with the media continuously advertising an artificial image, I’m guilty as fudge .But don’t allow yourself to be fooled by edits, filters and numbers. There is so much to see out there rather than keeping your eyes on the little squares on your screen. Love every thing about yourself; your talents, imperfections, blessings, quirks ,gifts and overall LIFE. This valentines day, celebrate discovering self-love.

 Acknowledge all the love in your life, and go celebrate it!!!

Valentine’s Day dressMCUX0653Lesley Diana Lesley Diana Lesley Diana

Get The Look! 

& Lastly, I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOOUUUUU *buddy the elf voice* 
 For those that don’t know what i’m referring to, I will put a meme just for you 😉
thanks for reading, babe 
Finding all that is good

Finding all that is good

I think in between all the chaos in our everyday life, we forget to stop and be thankful for all there is to give thanks to. We consume ourselves in any negative scenario we come across. Naturally, we invest most of our time worrying about […]

Styling Cool Colors

Styling Cool Colors

Hey beauties! So, the weather here has been bipolar lately and I’m constantly switching between jackets and sweaters to blouses and skirts/shorts. Therefore, I thought I’d make a post on mixing them together into one outfit using cooler colors to make life a lil easier! […]

The Power Behind Your Words

The Power Behind Your Words

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

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Hey everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! I hope today’s post brings you the encouragement you need for the upcoming week. I wanted to share something of deep meaning that hopefully you connect with. What’s that? Well the power of your own words.
First things first

Learn To Speak Up

I used to struggle with this a lot. If I was the only one in the group that disagreed, I would swallow my words. If I needed to say something but didn’t know how to phrase it, I didn’t say anything at all. I won’t lie, I still struggle. But saying what you need to say will make you feel a million times better than keeping it to yourself. Your thoughts need to be expressed. Be the voice in a crowd of voiceless.
Why should I, you ask?
Don’t worry, I brought backup for proof. In the book “Invisible Influence” the author, Jonah Berger, has studied social influence for over 15 years. In the first chapter of his book he explains how it is typical to follow the crowd’s opinion, we do it to be socially accepted and confirm we are in sync with others. HOWEVER, it takes one objective voice to spark a fire in influencing peoples true opinions. Meaning, It takes on person to speak up with a different opinion to sway others in providing their raw thoughts to the table as well. In fact, in work meetings some managers ask one specific person to relentlessly oppose the most agreed upon perspective/idea during the meeting to influence others in speaking up as well. Rather than agreeing with most of the people in the room. Ill have the novel linked at the end of the post. To conclude here, speak up, your words matter.

Your thoughts + Your Words= Your reality

I think this is something not everyone takes into consideration. Our thoughts and words are so impactful to our reality that we must remain in a positive sate of mind to attract all the good this world has to offer us. The way you think and feel about yourself reflects your reality. If you think you’re smart, you will feel smart and your words will convey how smart you are. It all starts with your thoughts and perspective on your internal and external environment. Negative assumptions will result in lack of energy and a whole lot of discouragement. Therefore, what do you think… negative results? Well, considering your ingredients lack richness your main course will as well.

This is your story- write it wisely 

You have your very own story to tell; filled with creativity, mystery and adventures. You own this novel,  no one has or can ever be able to write the same pattern of words your will. Therefore, allow your words to be filled with love, kindness, selflessness, positivity and courage. Write a story people will want to read years to come. One that will inspire the world around you. It all begins and ends with your words.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

-John 1:1


10/10 recommend this novel 


Best Women’s Watches

Best Women’s Watches

Best Women’s Watches- Ways To Style Hey Loves! Today, I wanted to share with y’all one of the most unique and beautiful watch I’ve ever owned. My favorite accessory is, and always will be, watches. They add such a classy look to any outfit, while […]

Styling a Plaid Blazer

Styling a Plaid Blazer

Hey Loves! Lately, I have been absolutely obsessing with this plaid blazer trend. I styled it with dark wash jeans from my favorite place to purchase jeans, Charlotte Russe.  I think these boots really tie the outfit together as well. While they match the color […]

Needed Hacks for Staying Inspired

Needed Hacks for Staying Inspired

Leo Mazzotti
 Hey Loves! I wanted to kick this week off with a little positivity and encouragement, so I gathered a couple of the most effective tips I’ve found that keep me inspired on the days I just don’t feel like doing anything.  For you college gals starting school this week, you’re going to kick ass this semester just keep pushing! I hope this post gets you a little pumped for the coming months.

Dream Board

This is SO important you guys!! It is also super fun to make. This is the part where you get super creative and make a gallery of all of your wants in life. Such as your dream apartment, car, job, vacation etc. You gather all of those images that you picture while daydreaming, and put them in a format that you can look at whenever you want. I recommend putting this somewhere you can see everyday, such as your office, living area or desktop background. I want you to remind yourself of the lifestyle you plan on reaching. That way, if you get into those “I don’t want to do anything” kind of days, you have your vision board to remind you why you should. Personally, I use Pinterest as one of my dream boards. You can check it out right over here

Organize Your Living & Working Area

This is also super effective. If your working area is a scattered mess, your head will be too. Don’t believe me? Try it. Clean your working area from top to bottom, no clutter, dust or items that don’t belong. No more of that. Try this for a couple weeks and tell me it doesn’t make a difference. Your working area should be organized, clean, neat, and even cute to keep you inspired. Put some pictures up and candles to make it feel homier along with anything else that makes you happy to look at.

Reward Yourself

In other words, treat yo self. If you remained within your budget, buy yourself that cute sweater with the money left over. Spent long hours working one night? Get some wine and watch your favorite TV show. Finally finished that project? Get take out! It doesn’t have something HUGE. Just something that reminds yourself you are deserve to be rewarded for whatever you’re doing because you are doing an awesome job.
If you are constantly working and forgetting to acknowledge all the long hours put in, it can become very easy to feel uninspired and drained. So,I encourage you to try this out from now on.

Watch Who Your Surroundings Are

This one might be the hardest, yet one of the most important ones, so I have to address it. You see, who we surround ourselves with is a huge determining factor of our own behavior (thank you social psychology). If those around you are constantly negative, putting themselves or you down, talking bad about others, not supporting you (you get the point) It can become pretty toxic. You need people who lift you up and remind you of all the good there is to appreciate. You want them to radiate their love and happiness upon you. Yes, we all have bad days and get gloomy from time to time, its completely expected actually. However, its important to find the good and make the best of every day. While some do, others find all the negative there is to find in a situation. And this is never healthy.

Change Your routine

I love doing this! I used to find comfort in doing the same ole thing every single day. But then realized I was getting bored and very discouraged . Comfort isn’t always energizing. There is no denying we are drawn to novelty. Why is it we get so excited for our first day on the job even if the last one was less workload? Because its something new! Why were we excited to go back to school even if it meant no longer sleeping in? Because we wanted change. Okay, you get the point. Change is good! It keeps things interesting. I am not saying make drastic changes, let them be simple, yet enough for you to notice them.
  • Changing your workout routines
  • Waking up 15 mins earlier to make a yummy breakfast, rather than plain cereal
  • Pick out your outfit the night before
  • Change up how you make your coffee every morning

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I hope this helps! Im so happy you could stop by and read.
Until next post~
January Playlist

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