What To Know Before You Get A Dog

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Hey everyone! I wanted to share with y’all a few changes I’ve had to adjust to ever since getting a new puppy in the hopes it helps anyone out starting out as a dog mom. But let me just tell ya, by all means its worth it. And if you decide to do the same, I highly doubt you will ever regret making that choice.  After only a couple days of having him home I realized I was too attached to ever give him up. Although, I do wish I would have gotten a heads up on what to expect when taking on such a huge responsibility. Especially when I didn’t have pets growing up. I simply had no idea on what to expect.

You WILL move your schedule around

If you get up at 7 get ready to be up at 6:30 from now on. This will give you enough time to take them on walks and feed them before you have to run out the door.  Also, if youre on a busy schedule that keeps you away from the house, chances are you’ll have to make some rearrangements to allow yourself or someone to come back home at a certain point(s) for them to be let out. It might cause an interruption in your daily flow, but remember being a dog mom involves a lot of adjustments. Otherwise, you’re going to come home to a very smelly present.

Dog sitters are needed

You never know when you might have an emergency come up, not make it home or even plan on being gout of town. If you live alone,  I recommend getting a designated babysitter to make these things easier for you. This was one of the main things I didn’t think about before accepting responsibly of the puppy I have. Ive had multiple plans cancelled or re-arranged because I needed someone to take care of my dog but struggled a great deal in finding anyone to do so.

Prioritize potty training

If you don’t have the time or recourses to properly potty train, having a puppy will be VERY difficult. Since I was either always working or at school this was the hardest part of all. What I started off with is puppy pads. Though, not just any puppy pads, I used the ones that contained an attractive aroma to do their business on there. I personally have a hard time disciplining, but potty training will be almost impossible without it. What became challenging for me was that of course, my dog HATED the leash. He would start running at the sight of it.  I think my biggest tip here is persistence, patience and reward. 

Say good-bye to 20% of your stuff

Yes your favorite rug will be peed on. Yes they might get car sick and throw up on your seats, chew on your clothes and chords and other thing of matter. Your food might be under attack for the split second you leave it unattended, your knit sweaters will be extra holy after they get their little paws on them. So be ready for your beloved items to be in not so perfect condition.
But trust me, You can only get upset for so long before they start giving you those puppy eyes. And then you’ll realize, you didn’t like that $50 dollar sweater anyway 😉
No but really they’ll make it impossible to stay mad at them

They will need a WHOLE lot of attention

Feel free to call me captain obvious after I say this but…a dog will need you to play, pet and talk to them through out the day otherwise they will feel very VERY lonely. But as a full time college student and worker, any leftover time goes to studying, homework and essays. With that being said the time i spend outside my apartment triples the amount of time i spend in it. This means i have no choice but to leave my dog home alone for multiple hours at a time. This is probably one of the hardest parts for me because  I can only imagine how lonely he gets . At first i contemplated if he would be better off in other hands. But luckily i have wonderful roommates who come check on him from time to time. My advise here is to be sure they will receive the attention they need and deserve.

Disciplining will be a challenge, but its a must

I am the worst push-over.  Like i mentioned before you won’t be able to stay mad at them for more than .47 seconds. But without disciplining them finding someone to dog-sit  and bringing them on play dates or to your friends house will become awfully difficult. They need to know whats wrong from right and they need to know your “angry voice” so they listen and obey to your commands. This will save you a lot of stress and extra work in the long run.
But what makes it all worth it is

 They will love you unconditionally

Im serious, it doesn’t matter what you do they will nag you for attention and lick you to death. They know when youre sad and when you’re happy. They will attack you as soon as you open the door and wag their tail without end. and at the end of the day when tis all over, without fail, they’ll crawl right next to you and fall right asleep. I don’t know what we did to deserve a dogs unconditional love but its the sweetest feeling.

Nothing beats their company

At this point i might sound like a crazy dog lady, but I can’t imagine how lonely i would feel not having my dog to keep me company every day.  He’s always following me around the house and cuddling up next to me every chance there is. Theres nothing better than knowing you get to come home to the most welcoming, loving and joyful furs-ball

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