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So I’ve been getting a whole bunch of questions about blogging here lately. Its funny because I’m learning something new every day. But I am definitely willing to share what this journey has taught me. This post goes beyond the HTML and SEO part of blogging, because before you go through that (It is a PAIN in da booty) you should know the unfiltered version of blogging.

Q: How/Why did you start your blog?

Truthfully,  I created Lesley Diana initially to show my writing and voice to future internships, as my major is public relations. However, the more research I did on this blogging world the more fascinated I became. I didn’t think I would reach many people. Once I got a bit of a viewership , I became obsessed with being able to reach out and connect with readers.  My love for writing has been here since the start. When I was five, I wrote my first poem, and many more. When I was seven, I wrote music and performed it at churches and recitals.  Though, I left it behind as I got older because, well I actually don’t know still, I just stopped. Eventually I started writing again, music, poetry, short stories, and blog posts. Then I used this little website to share my writing to encourage people. I wanted to shine a little light on what can sometimes seem like a dim world. You will see I use a lot of the psychology I studied on here as well, I could talk about that subject all day. But don’t worry, I wont do that to y’all. My purpose for this blog is for people to come here to find encouragement and inspiration on both their worst and their best days. I want to talk about things that matter, truly matter and bring meaning. Yes, I will talk about fashion, it is one of my priority categories. Ask anyone that knows me, Im a shopaholic for all sakes. But I hope to talk about so, so much more. If you’re thinking about blogging let met leave you with this, be a voice for the voiceless. Share your favorite products, trends, places but be vulnerable and authentic too. There is no price tag in encouraging hearts with the fabric of your words. 

Q: Where do you shop?

ALL OF DEE ABOVE.  No but really, if its cute I buy it.  Though, If I had to narrow it down I would say Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, TJ Maxx & HM.

 Q: Was it weird being open about blogging at first?

Ohh yes. I am such a timid person that for me it was the main reason I questioned blogging. I was so scared of people judging why I post so many pics of myself in outfits. Not many people put themselves out there. Blogging isn’t something anyone I knew was doing at the time,and I didn’t think the people that already knew me would understand.   To avoid getting caught in what other people might think, I try to remind myself the purpose behind why I started this in the first place. Which is to spread a little positivity, encouragement and share my favorite trends. People are always going to have their input and that’s fine, but dont let their thoughts leave you paralyzed. Move forward and keep doing what you love.

Q: I want to start a blog but I only have (inster number) insta followers

Gf you tell ME. Sure, I use Instagram, but I don’t prioritize it on growing my blog. This isn’t the best strategy on establishing a viewership because its very unreliable: the algorithm changes & most just hit like then keep scrolling without reading your post.  BUT your true readers will follow the link to read your post. My point is, your Instagram followers don’t compare to your blog readers, those are the true MVP.

Q: How do you work with brands?

This is where my major comes in handy haha. The Key is mutually beneficial relationships. This means it will take time before working with brands are a typical thing. Simply because they need to benefit from working with you, too. So, once you establish a viewership, following and have great quality to provide, brands are going to adore working with you! They will start contacting you, although you can also reach out to then. I personally prefer not to but that may change in the future. Just keep going at it,  good things take time.

Q: How do you make time for blogging?

Ahh im still trying to figure this one out haha. I am currently taking 17 credit hours, and working 30. Needless to say, blogging gets placed on the back burner more often than not. I use ANY free time I can to blog. Whether its my lunch break, waking up earlier, skipping social events, or simply using any leisure time to blog instead. You have to love it to make something out of it, treat it as a second job if you will.

Q: Who takes your pictures?

My amazing bff Kaitlyn. We take a day out of the month to shoot together and grab dinner or something. Its fun because its hanging out AND working together. I will link her work once she gets the portfolio up and going. But if you’re in the Dallas area, definitely book with her she’s the best.




If I missed something, email or comment and Ill answer the best I can 🙂


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