Start The New Year Right

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Hey everyone! With the new year coming up, I wanted to give y’all the best tips to help you start 2018 right. I know we all do new year resolutions, but lets get specific!


Goals Goals Goals

Get out your favorite notebook/journal and write down what exactly you want to accomplish in the upcoming year. The more specific the better. Put  as many details as possible so when you go back and read it you can vividly picture yourself experiencing and accomplishing your wishes.

Game Plan

After you are done documenting your goals, its time to put those words into actions. This is the part where you align your goals and the results you want with the strategy you will use to get them.  How are you going to make things happen? What is your plan? Also, I suggest you have plan A & plan B, only because everything is constantly changing at an unpredictable pace. Map out the steps you want to take and a rhythm of production that works for YOU.

Dream Board

I love dream boards. They are the perfect tool when you need a little inspiration for the day. This is a visual of the places you want to go, the things you want to do, and the results you want to see. We humans are very visually driven, so what we repeatedly see gets engraved in our subconscious and our thoughts, which fuels our actions subliminaly.

Before this year ends..

This is more of a fun to-do list.  Here I put all the new  things I want to try out before the year ends.  I also put stuff that I’ve done before, but really enjoyed and would like to do again.

  • Go to a Coldplay  concert
  • Take a fun roadtrip
  • Finish out an internship
  • work on my Español


You are and always will be your biggest source of encouragement, inspiration and motivation.  This means reminding yourself of your best and most wanted qualities. Set a reminder on your phone to encourage you throughout the day and make this your new habit of the year. You might be iffy about it but it works so well that I had to mention it.

  • Today will be a good day, you will make it one
  • You are going to kick butt on this test
  • Make someone smile today, it will make you smile, too.

Personal growth

I think personal growth can and will never end.  Everyday we experience and learn something new, even if it does not seem very apparent at the moment.  But once we look back a year later, it is almost as if nothing remained the same.  Before the new year starts, make sure you are acknowledging all the areas you have grown in and then reflect on where you want to grow even more.

  1. Build a stronger relationship with God and faith.
  2. Make more time for friends and family rather than staying so busy 24/7
  3. Be more giving and self-less
  4. Stop letting fear and anxiety affect my decision making

2018 Memory Jar

This is most fun part about starting and ending a year.  All you have to do is get a large mason jar and decorate it to your preference(if you wish) and as the year progresses write down the date and something good that happened that day. It is not necessary an everyday thing (unless you want it to be) but every time something good happens, write it down and stick it in there.  At the end of the year you’ll dump it out and read all the wonderful memories and blessings 2018 has brought you. It’s worth it, trust me 🙂

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