Seattle Travel Diary

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This weekend I went to Seattle to visit my family and I am so thankful I did. I don’t think a home is a place or a building, its the people who make wherever you go, wherever you are, a home.  Growing up comes with many changes. My biggest change was being 2,000 miles apart from my family. Ive realized it shouldn’t have to take long amounts of time apart to appreciate the time spent with the people closest to you. Whether they’re 20 miles away or 2,000, time spent together is irreplaceable.


Don’t get me wrong, moving forward is great and theres so much that awaits, but I’ve learned to take every day and appreciate it. because you don’t know what the good ole days are until you reminisce on the memory of them. Realize the days of the present are the ones you look back on in 5 years thinking “ ah, those were the days”


We went to Mt. Renoir National park, and in one word, it was captivating. The views were almost unrealistic. Growing up in the south you don’t see anything like it. We might get snow once a year, if we are lucky. The trees were tall, bright green and simply beautiful. The Mountains made you feel awfully small.  Of course, there was no service so you had no choice but to disconnect with the world and focus on the moment you were in. There were no distractions except for the views you were surrounded in.


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