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Hey Friends! So as I was online shopping for the holidays I gathered a few gifts ideas for those who are on a college budget. Yes, Christmas is T-Minus one week away so I decided to use the fastest shipping I know, Amazon prime. Im not typically a lets do things last minute kinda person, but I was so busy worrying about finals that Christmas snuck up on my this year! But anyways, I hope you fine these helpful ūüôā

I tried my best to find gifts under $25 for a friendly budget!

For Her

  1. Pink Mug– Okay but seriously how cute is this Mug?¬† And the best part is that its only $14! I know my travel mug saves my day when I am running late for the office and don’t have time for my morning coffee. Definitely a cute and essential gift for a Mom or friend.

2. Crystal Lamp–¬† This seriously adds such a cozy feeling to any room in the house. I picked this lamp because its so unique and adds a nice touch of detail. This gift is just under $20!

1. Cozy Throw Blanket:  We all love a nice throw blanket! This is absolutely perfect for that cold Christmas morning and the following winter months. Also, I cant believe its only $12?! Im telling you Amazon is the best for finding quality gifts.

2.¬† Stress Relief Candle: Raise your hand if you’ve felt personally victimized by stress *raises both hands* But on a serious note, whoever you decide to give this candle to will be truly grateful. Im pretty sure we all have at least one stressful day per week and its nice to come home and unwind after a long day to a couple candles and a cup of tea.

Home Decor Idea: I love this quote very much because it is so optimistic and uplifting to have in your home. This is a nice every day reminder, especially on those long days. I just like how unique and thoughtful this gift is. Right below $9 too!

Rose Bracelet: How beautiful right? I don’t¬†even need to elaborate on this one it just speaks for itself. I am absolutely obsessed with the detail and colors on this and its only $25! How perfect is that?

For Him

Mug: Hunting season has made it’s way around the corner once again! This is such a¬† handy gift for someone who is out and about, yet loves their morning coffee/tea! This is also right under $20.

Men Watch: I seriously love this style of men watches and can never find one under $100! This is such a classy and minimalistic look that fits in any wardrobe and any style. My favorite part is the price..$25 yall!

Cap: So I tried my best to pick styles that would fit most preferences. However, this cap is available in MULTIPLE colors. I guarantee your favorite color will be available in this cap so go check it out! Also, This is only $15 ahhh!!

Jacket: So lets face it its freaking cold outside and we wear our jackets/coats out by the end of the season. So you can never go wrong with a nice Colombian jacket especially when its right under $30!

For Him & Her

Merry Christmas Mug: This mug made me laugh and its from my favorite Christmas movie(Elf) so naturally i had to put this on here. Also, what a fun way to start the day don’t you think?¬† Only $13 on Amazon!

Lens: Okay so I recently purchased this and it was one of the best investments I could have done. This is the perfect dupe for the Canon 50mm, and the quality is absolutely amazing for the price! I was a little hesitant to purchase this for the low price of $49 compared to the cannon for $130, but I am so very happy I did. This is ideal for anyone who is into photography or just loves pictures in general- The best quality for the best price.

Shop Noise-Cancelling headphones: Lets save the best for last, shall we? Yes these are past a typical college budget but hear me out. has declared these the best over the ear noise-cancelling headphones and that itself says it all. I wanted to share something that would be relevant to any and every college student and these are essential for those late night studying sessions at the library or coffee shops! If your going to invest in a long lasting electronic you gotta make sure its the best of the best and thats why is here to make it easier.Their research is extremely helpful so I suggest checking their work out when deciding on big purchases!

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