This will put an end to procrastination

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Do you find yourself procrastinating on important things that need to get done? Yes, we all fall into the spiral of wasting time instead of using it to be productive. However, procrastinating can be a dangerous game to play if you don’t know when to quit.

Wanting vs Doing

Its easy, one wastes time one makes use of it. We all want various things. A sufficient job, a nice place to live, a vacation, good relationships, the list is endless and unique to each. We all look for more and more to fulfill our desires. And once we get what we want, we go and look for further more. It is human nature. I don’t find it wrong nor greedy to want. The perspective being; the greater leverage you hold, the greater ability there is to give back. If you’re waiting and pushing the date back to achieve that leverage- the only outcome it will bring you is a late start.

Waiting for what exactly?

The right time? The clock is going to keep ticking and it waits for no one. Therefore why should we we wait for it? This only triggers procrastination and wastes the time that could be used for the goal you were striving for. The space between today and “the right time” to start, is being wasted. Put some thought into it, by the time that pushed off date comes, there is so much that could’ve been built in that empty gap . Do yourself a favor and don’t wait. The sooner you start the sooner you get there.

So, once youre done waiting


Set deadlines for when certain things need to get done. I find this helpful because it keeps me on my toes. If I were to leave a task miscellaneous I would think “ Oh I’ve got time,” or “ I’ll do it when i get the chance.” Deadlines are how every productive occupation stays on track; it is best to use them if you want a steady rhythm of production.  Get a planner and keep up with it. Included details so you know exactly where you need to be and what you need to get done every day. Being organized is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  And if you are even remotely as scatter minded as I, it will change your life.


Being attentive for areas you can grow in is critical. You want to improve as time passes rather than staying in the same place you were 4 months ago. Look for areas you can better educate yourself in. There is always something new to learn. Knowledge is the key to all doors. If you keep your mind open to the changing environment, you will never fall behind, in fact you will take a few steps forward.

This comes with..

Looking for opportunities

Keep your sight outside the box you’re standing in, for opportunities that will enhance your development. Connect with people that have far more experience than you. Staying on the lookout for people who can give you advice on how you can progress is one of the biggest step forward. People are more willing to help than we think.  And when you come across  an open door for you to advance in your area,  make sure you want it bad enough that you don’t have to hesitate.

Do Not Pause 

When all the pressure sets in and you don’t know what step to take next; Go faster, harder and become more determined than ever. This is the part where how bad you want it is being tested. When the light turns yellow and you don’t know the next step to take, don’t second guess and break. Hit the gas and keep going.

4 thoughts on “This will put an end to procrastination”

  • I love this. I also find that I work best if I don’t try to go after too much at once. Then, nothing gets done! Love your tips, especially the yellow light and the gas!

  • Thank you! I needed this…I recently had a major surgery and during recovery (I don’t sit still well) I have had an enlightenment to be more productive and consistent. Your article came at the right time! Thank you again. 🙂 I also loved the yellow light reference.

    • Hey Crystal! I hope you feel better again no time! But Im excited to hear you are ready to get back out and about! Additionally, I appreciate your kind words very much 🙂

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