How relieve yourself from stress

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Most, if not all, people have experienced stress in some shape or form at some point in their lives. Although, we seem to be in an era where we romanticize a stressed lifestyle, through social media at least. A substantial amount of humorous memes have been created over the topic of stressing on circumstances we come across in our daily lives. Although something we are forgetting is how stress can affect our health; therefore it is crucial to be able to control it in a way it works for us, not against us.

It is a task to find your balance when you juggle a social life, work, enough sleep,relationships, family, and school. I never looked at stress as much of a threat to my well being; until I started noticing it affecting my body physically and mentally. The symptoms were often and aggressive. This is when I started  to realize I needed to make some changes.

One of my all time favorite TED talks flipped a switch on how I view stressful situations. To be simple and cut to the chase; the speaker Kelly Mcgoniga brought to our attention a study made, in which people who believed stress is a health risk factor are 43% more likely to die, than people who thought stress did not affect their health.(I know,pretty brutal). If this statistic does not bring to our attention how powerful our mindset is, I don’t know what will. Hearing this made me recognize how unhealthy I was handling the stressful situations that come with simply being. I have always believed perspective changes everything. Although, I never thought of stress as a controllable variable. Instead, I thought it to be something I had to adjust to, in addition to the physical responses my body had to the stressors. Maybe these key points can shift your focus from the problem to the potential solution

Perspective- stress works for you, not against you 

Though now I acknowledge the importance of viewing stress in a way that is not negative to my health. I am happy to emphasize, stress can work for your advantage when you are trying to get past a difficult circumstance. When stressed, oxytocin is released; often referred to as the “love hormone.” This is a hormone that constructs a crave for social interaction and enhances empathy. This can motivate you to seek support from the people closest to you, in addition to supporting those who need it as well, both proven to help in stressful events. What I find the most fascinating is that this hormone,released when stressed, happens to protect out cardiovascular system from stress induced damage. Theres a sigh of relief in coming to know stress is not entirely damaging to your body. The point being, when you view your body’s stress response as a way to help you prepare for the stressor you have to confront, the way stress affects our body changes drastically, and for your benefit. We can not control whether stressful situations show up in our life, but we can control the way it impacts our well-being. I thought this to be one of the most important life hacks a person can benefit from.

The counter productivity of stressing 

What does it really fix? How does stressing help the situation? it doesn’t, at all. Youre walking your dog in the midst of perfect weather, yet you don’t enjoy it because all you can think about is an upcoming storm. A storm that the weatherman could be predicting incorrectly. One that has yet to happen, one that might not even happen. If you put thought into it, the worry is an illusion, its a fear about something that does not yet posses existence. A fear of the unknown. The unknown possibility, in which the sun may rise to our surprise.

If youre gonna worry, worry wisely 

Meaning look for solutions! what variables do you have control of? If you do, look for ways to turn the circumstance for your own benefit. For example, you mess up at work bad enough to get written up. This does not mean your incompetent nor incapable of being the best at what you do. Though, the written up part might trigger a stress on messing up again. Thats why its important to acknowledge YOU are in control. Look for ways to improve any hiccups on your part, become attentive and engaged more than ever. Instead of being stressed within the circumstance, be aware. In contrast, if you have no control over a stressful scenario, stressing over something that is out of your reach will only be a waste of your time and energy, which are resources you could be investing in something more beneficial instead. No productive result has came out of walking back and forth in a room thinking about all the pessimistic possibilities of the stressor. Its playing a broken record in your head, knowing replaying it wont change the music, but you listen to it anyway. Change the disc, change your viewpoint.

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