The Secret to Making the Most Out of Your Time

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I used to think time went by so slow. That the days took too long and a year was an eternity away.  Now I wonder how somewhere along the way I lost track of time. And how suddenly, there was never enough time. Sure, time has kept its pace for years, but the difference here is how busy and rushed the days became. Its a human race against time.

But how can we manipulate it for our own benefit? Or can we?
Something we can do is make time count; rather than spending your days, adding them up.
Lets start with

Waking up early

This can not be emphasized enough. If you start your day later everything will be pushed back a handful of hours. Next thing you know its already 1pm, you just ate breakfast but your have to start scavagering the kitchen for something to make for lunch!
wait.. But I’m not a morning person 🙁
Good news I wasn’t either. If anyone had a profound love for their bed, it was me. I found every and any excuse not to leave it. Plus this little puppy of mine likes cuddling up next to me and I thought, how could i just leave him all alone?! Also, i did not like being up before the sun.. i believed it to be mostly inhumane.
So trust me when I say I 100% get it. But this will change your life, trust me.
I will be making another post on tips to getting up early soon.
Anyways why get up early you say?
  1. Longer days
  2. more production
  3. better time management

Don’t just have a to-do list, be specific

 This means, be time detailed with your scheduled day
My morning schedule
6 am-7 am: work out
7 am-8 am: coffee & emails
8 am-8:30 am- make breakfast
Always always always over estimate the time you will need to get simple or greater tasks done. You never know what will pop up, if a task might take longer than anticipated, or if you get a call from your mom who demands you fill her in on the latest in your world.
Which brings me to…

 Making time

Well no not literally, but what this means is make time for those around you.
Remember, you only get so much time with them. We get older every day, that is just how it is. Your time here is limited, so it is very important you realize it and spend it with the people most important to you. I know its easy to say  “But I’m just so busy”  Trust me, we all are. That is why it is important to make the time instead of waiting for it to come to you.

Today is a present

A present with a big red bow on it too. Im serious though, it will never be 10/30/17 ever again. It is today only. I know it is so easy to think “Lets just get this day over it” Or this week, or this month. Especially when you feel trapped in a routine. Don’t allow yourself to be a robot on automatic mode. Your time here will zoom by x10 faster if you go day-by-day wishing it was over with already. Engage yourself in whats going on that day. Smile at a stranger. Give compliments and shine your light brightly upon others. It might not seem like much to you, but it might turn someones day around for the better.

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