Dressing For Valentines Day

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Lesley Diana Red dress

Hey Beauties, With Valentines coming up I wanted to give y’all a little bit on outfit inspo for the holiday. I enjoy Valentines Day for one main reason…the discounted chocolate’s the day after! I look forward to it every year hehe. Its honestly the best part. Although, before we get into the outfit part of this post,  Ive gotten a few messages for advice on how to handle Valentines day as a single lady. To those gals out there with similar thoughts, I want to remind y’all this holiday is about loving and being loved by anyone and everyone. Please please do not feel discouraged if you aren’t with a boy at this point in time, I know it is hard with the media advertising relationships and such, just  keep in mind valentines day isn’t to celebrate relationships, but to celebrate love.
With that being said, if you are a single-lady out there with a subtle dread of the upcoming day, here are some things I want you to remember and keep in your heart so you can enjoy this holiday to the fullest.

 Valentines or Galantines? GF’s are da BEST

No but seriously, Gf’s are just as important as Bf’s. I think we need a soulmate of a best friend, too. If you have other single friends that don’t know what to do on this holiday either…hello?! celebrate with each other and have a hella good time together dressing cute for dinner then coming home to make brownies, drink wine and watch chic-flicks (or horror movies idk your preference, if thats how u roll)
But like I was saying; valentine is a holiday to celebrate love, not boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. In fact, we have a  holiday specifically for that, its called national bf//gf day ppl!!

Lesley Diana

Happy Valentines day: To & from 


Guess what? Your dog freaking loves you. Or cat, or guinie pig, or gold fish. Im sure they’d shower you with chocolate and roses if they knew what the heck it meant or is for. Don’t have any pets? I’m sure that spider hiding in your bathroom loves you,  thats why he’s always  chilling there. On a serious note, don’t disregard how much those in your life love YOU. Your family and friends are absolute blessings and this day is also made to celebrate those relationships with them.


Remind those who you love, just how loved they are today. Call them, give them heart shaped chocolates, or a cute V-day card that will make them happy.  SHOW EM SUM LUVVVV, ya know.

 Self- Love

Above it all,  love who you are, there is and never will be another human of the same makeup as you. Self- Love isn’t always black and white. And sometimes it comes with gray skies, yet thats when you create your own sunshine because you’re a freaking radiant soul thats why. You will always have, you. No but really think about it, You are away with yourself…don’t you think this whole being stuck together 24/7 becomes easier when you absolutely love it?
You deserve all the greatness this universe wants to give you. Confidence on the inside radiates on the outside.  And it will attract much more than solely people. This is something that acquires patience, effort and practice. Its so so easy to pick at our own flaws and imperfections with the media continuously advertising an artificial image, I’m guilty as fudge .But don’t allow yourself to be fooled by edits, filters and numbers. There is so much to see out there rather than keeping your eyes on the little squares on your screen. Love every thing about yourself; your talents, imperfections, blessings, quirks ,gifts and overall LIFE. This valentines day, celebrate discovering self-love.

 Acknowledge all the love in your life, and go celebrate it!!!

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& Lastly, I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOOUUUUU *buddy the elf voice* 
 For those that don’t know what i’m referring to, I will put a meme just for you 😉
thanks for reading, babe 

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