Best Women’s Watches

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JORD women watch

Best Women’s Watches- Ways To Style

Hey Loves! Today, I wanted to share with y’all one of the most unique and beautiful watch I’ve ever owned. My favorite accessory is, and always will be, watches. They add such a classy look to any outfit, while dressing up or dressing down. And for this post, JORD wooden watches has been so kind to host a $100 giveaway for a very lucky winner to use toward their next purchase. Just by applying, you will get 10% off! You have nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain, so don’t miss out!.


Unboxing your JORD Watch

JORD women watch

JORD women watch

First of all, how detailed and elegant is this packaging? I love how the quality and use this wooden box.  I feel like you can use it for many other purposes, such as an overall jewelry box.  JORD is also so thoughtful that they give you a little kit to keep your watch clean and intact.


 Styling your JORD watch


Like I said, these types of watches are very unique, yet they seem to flatter any outfit you end up wearing. Here are a couple of ways I styled my JORD watch. I picked out some very distinct outfits to show you guys how well it compliments whatever you wear. If you’re wondering what style my JORD watch is, I picked out theZebra & Ivory 

However, they have a wide selection of women’s watches.

Outfit 1

JORD’s women’s watch will add the finishing touch to a classy look that can be worn in the office or for a night out in the town.

lesley diana

Outfit 2

This women’s watch will be perfect for the fashionista that likes mixing colors and patterns up to create a statement look. Im telling you, it goes with everything!

JORD women watch

JORD women watch

Outfit 3

JORD’s women’s watch will also match every and any look on the more feminine side. You can see here how it ties the entire outfit together, I just absolutely love it!

JORD wooden watch

lesley diana


 JORD- For Him


Now, this watch isn’t just for you gals out there. I encourage you to check out JORD’s mens selection because it is absolutely amazing! I think we can agree shopping for guys can be quite challenging sometimes. However, watches will always be a staple and classic favorite. This year you can give him something he will never expect for Valentines day, a wooden hand-crafted watch. Lets be honest, how many times do you see someone wear something so put together and unique? They have such a wide variety of styles to make sure there will be a perfect fit. I think this is the most thoughtful gift for the person you care about.

Take a look at their men’s selection

 Finally, Want a chance to earn $100 towards your very own JORD watch? Sign yourself up to the giveaway! Click HERE to apply 

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