This Will Change The Way You Sleep

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Chamomile + Passion-fruit Tea

Chamomile tea is considered on of the most effective sleep aids. It has been proven to help calm and relax which makes it the perfect remedy for falling asleep. Additionally, this tea has multiple benefits such as reducing stress, improving skin and boosting our immune system.

Passion-fruit Tea is also suggested to help with a good night sleep. Just add a little honey and you’ll have the perfect sweet drink that will put you at rest.

Here are some that I really enjoy



This may or may not take a bit of concentration, depending on how you choose to meditate. There are helpful tools from apps to books that will guide you on meditation. My favorite app is Headspace. This is a step by step audio on how to clear your mind and relax your body before a night sleep. Meditation will benefit you in many other aspects in addition to sleep as well. I truly recommend this exercise. The changes are drastic when done properly.


If you can’t sleep it is recommended to get up and find something else to do. Rather than counting sheep, picking up a book and reading a few pages might do the trick. Your mind will wonder out of the thoughts that were keeping you awake and into a relaxed state of mind.

Warm Shower

Before bed try taking a warm shower or bath to prep your body before heading to bed. Science has confirmed warm showers are a big help when trying to fall asleep in a decent amount of time.


A lavender room spray is likely to help when trying to fall asleep. The sense of smell is quite impact-full and if all you have to do is spray your room down to get a good night sleep its worth a try.

I linked these below to make it easier to fine, I hope you enjoyed this post!


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