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Recently, I traveled to Miami and West Palm beach. These cities are in complete contrast yet both environments are filled with such fun and fascinating settings. Here are some of my favorite stops in these cities, so if you ever find yourself there, you’ll know exactly where to go.

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South Beach

I assume if you take a vacation to Miami, you will be finding yourself on the beach most of your vacation. The beach is and forever will be my favorite place on this Earth. Miami has beautiful clear blue beaches followed by a path of various restaurants. Want the best view ever? grab a bite at one of these places while watching the sun set at the beach, its awfully captivating.

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Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive Is one of the most well recognized streets in Miami. Mostly because of the night life that takes place past 9pm. Additionally, Here is the home of the Versace Mansion. So if you’re a night owl who likes to dance, this is your street! I enjoyed the boardwalk during the day, there lies a line of giant rocks that take you further from shore and closer to the deep blue.

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Lincoln Road

This is the place i would have to hand my debit card to someone else, because it is not going to be safe in my hands. If y’all don’t already know, Forever 21 is my go to store. And the one on Lincoln road is big enough to get lost in all 3 stories! Insane! This isn’t something you find in Denton, Texas. So if you want to do a little shopping on your trip, don’t forget to stop here! 2You will also find various restaurants and cafes placed along the walking area.

Lagniappe House

Ah this was one of my favorite stops on my trip. This is more of a rustic care free environment. And I absolutely loved it! Here you will find Live music, a delicious dinner and a simple yet charming scenery. This is the perfect spot for a glass of wine on a summer night.

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Okay so this is not a place, but don’t worry you will find it everywhere you go in Miami! This is the cuban way to drink coffee, and it is delicious! The best way for me to explain it is; it contains a similar taste to a latte, but sweeter and better! This coffee is fairly strong in the sense of the effect of caffeine, but the taste remains sweet. So if you avoid dark roast coffee because you don’t enjoy the taste of coffee itself, yet need something strong in caffeine, this is your cup of coffee. If you choose to taste this cuban coffee,  I encourage you to pair it with a guava and cheese pastry. Its the perfect sweet combination.

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West Palm Beach 

If you’re looking for a family friendly environment for a vacation this is your place. The beaches are calm and peaceful. Sometimes you might even find live music at the doc, which I love! I am all about live music on the beach or wherever the place may be. There are also numerous eating spots one crosswalk away from the beach itself.

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Mama Mias Pizzeria 

This is the place for pizza, trust me. The quality of the food here is remarkable. Additionally, they have very reasonable prices for pizza slices bigger than your head.  It is not your typical pepperoni and cheese kind of pizza, this is the kind of pizza that combines multiple ingredients for one perfect taste.

Benny’s on the Beach 

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This is your go to place for a nice ice cold  pina colada to refresh you on a beach day in florida. But drinks weren’t the only thing they served here, the food on the menu was also worth ordering. Personally,  my favorite part was the location, which was on the beach board walk. Sometimes they would even have live music during sunset hour. Whats better than some good refreshers, food and music?

City place

This is another spot to get your shopping done. The architecture here makes you want to walk around and enter every store( which was dangerous for me) Even if its not for shopping, it is a nice place to walk around maybe catch a movie or grab a bite.  Here you will have multiple options of where to stop and eat whether its family owned or places well known.


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    1. Haha its definitely worth taking a vacation to! Both cities are in Florida, but each have completely distinct demeanors:)

  1. I love to travel and especially in the beach, in my country we have world’s longest sea beach Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata beach. Florida beach is an awesome place to visit. Thanks for the informative post.

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