What is self-love?

If you noticed our favorite people that we commonly acclaim, sell themselves short on aspects we actually admire about them. I truly believe WE are our own biggest critic. Everyone is too worried about themselves to be focused on your end of the stick. Now, If they are constantly trying to put you down, thats a different story. They’ve got their own issues to resolve and chances are they’re only displacing their hostility onto you. Otherwise, You’re probably doing a lot better than you think. Theres no race or competition to win. There is not one sole trophy every one is trying to get their hands on. You are the one calling the shots here. So, considering you’re with yourself every waking moment,  you have to love who you are, respect who you are and admire who you are; you kinda owe it to yourself.

Cut yourself some slack

There is this despicable thing that every human does..possibly every day. Ah yes, a mistake! I can’t help but notice that when others mess up, we usually acknowledge it for possibly 2 minutes then go on with our day. But God forbid we mess up ourselves.

When we fall short on certain aspects, we tend to emphasize it. Sometimes we replay it in our head and come up with all the other routes we could’ve taken when making that choice… after we make the decision. Unless you have a time machine, it wont change the circumstances. If you happen to slip, don’t just lay there and wait for life alert to come save you; Learn from it and move on. It wont be the last time you goof either.

Take others input into consideration, wisely.

For instance, If you love dancing, but make yourself to believe you have no sense of rhythm even when others tell you otherwise, why disregard other people’s feedback? If you get the same comments/ compliments repeatedly, chances are they are completely sincere! Take it into consideration and build from it. If its negative, its best to first analyze it to make sure it isn’t someones attempt to bring you down. If not, then take it as an open door for self improvement.

which leads me to…

Improve the parts you don’t like 

Definitely easier said then done. But it is something to be proud about if it actually gets done.

If you don’t like always being in a rush or late, make a habit of waking up earlier. You don’t like how your grades look? Go the extra mile to get the help you need. Don’t have enough time for your self because you’re too busy investing it into something else? Learn to say NO. We talk and talk about where we need improvement but we don’t take the actions towards improvement. One of my favorite stories is about the two farmers who prayed for the rain; one waited, the other prepared for it. So when the rain came, guess which one actually benefited from the rain?

Love your flaws 

We all have them. And it is part of who YOU are, loving yourself means loving your flaws as well. Embrace your quirky side, it might in fact be what people love most about you.

But most importantly, love yourself 

Above all,  love who you are, there is and never will be another version of you. Confidence on the inside radiates on the outside.  And it will attract much more than solely people.  You deserve all the greatness this universe wants to give you, let it.

Being secure in who I am has been one of the hardest habits to accustom to growing up. With media advertising a certain physical images, it can be a challenge accepting your differences. But doing so was one of the most liberating things I’ve done.


Love yourself- Perfection is non existent.

3 thoughts on “What is self-love?

  1. I just came across your blog and absolutely love this post! I’m going to be a sophomore in college and I keep saying that last year taught me so much about self-love. All of these points are so true. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!!

    1. This made my day! I’m in college too and I can honestly say i found my identity here also. Your posts caught my eye I started following your blog as well!

      Warm Regards,

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