20 Things College Taught Me

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bishop arts district

1.Coffee is a blessing

2. You will get a little lost before you can find yourself

3. Every second of free time should be soaked up to the fullest

4. You can & will surprise yourself

5. Home cooked meals will be missed, dearly

6. You will work harder than you ever had before

7. It is almost impossible to pass a test without studying

8. You will sleep every chance you get, even on campus

9. Balance is a skill that requires practice

10.You will learn the true meaning of a dollar, and appreciate it

11. Missing people will be a norm, but you’ll appreciate the time you spend with them more than ever

12. You will get homesick, a lot

13. Last minute studying doesn’t ever turn out well

14. You’ll learn the meaning of true friendship and what it looks like

15. Don’t allow yourself to feel alone on this, you’re not

16. Pushing yourself will be more of a habit

17. Don’t feel guilty when you choose to relax, or take breaks, you deserve it

18. It might not seem like it today, but you’ll miss these days

19. This is not a race, you can slow down, as long as you don’t stop and

20. You will graduate

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